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Professional Latex Puppets for Entertainer

allpropuppets-logoAll Pro Puppets is a full puppet production company. We specialize in making high quality professional latex puppets for entertainers, puppeteers, ventriloquists, film, live theater, television and performers. We can make custom puppets from designs that you provide for us or create a design for you based on your project needs. We can also build props and sets for your project.

Our puppets are extremely lightweight, easier to manipulate, durable and especially built for professionals. We provide 100% money back guarantee on all our products.

Unique Designs

Good quality design is an integral part of our professional puppets for sale. All Pro Puppets recognizes that design quality matters and that planning should drive up standards across all stages of professional puppet construction. Our professional puppet design responds in a practical and creative way to both the function of the puppets and the identity of our characters. We are active performers, so most of our professional puppets for sale have been tested in front of thousands of audience members. So…Shop with confidence

Solid Construction

We realize that our customers use our puppets in different climates and under different working conditions. Before we put any of our professional puppets for sale, we ensure that it can take repeated usage over many many years. Our philosophy is simple. Repeated use over different climates and working conditions. We do not believe in Hot Glue as a bonding mechanism, it consistently fails under drastic weather temperature changes – which inevitably does happen in competitor products which are held together by different types of glues. We stitch and double stitch our puppets, especially around stress areas like the mouth and the neck. We only use the best and most appropriate materials. And by applying the very best of sculpting, molding and sewing practices available to the Hollywood industry, we have accelerated our position to leaders in professional puppet production. So…Shop with confidence

Great Value

Hollywood quality characters at affordable budgets So…Shop with confidence

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